Genesis Communication Inc.

Integration can help your business.

System integration is the art and science of interfacing different types of electronic equipment such as sound systems, telephone systems, video systems, security systems, and data networks, in order to create a single powerful system with seamless operation. Over the past several years we have seen a shift in what our clients are asking for. In many cases they’ve stopped asking for equipment and started asking for solutions. These solutions are most often a combination of equipment configured in a way that makes the whole greater than the sum of the individual parts. Once again, this is what we define as system integration.

The part about system integration that our clients like best is the ability to call one number for all their needs. Rather than the data network contractor blaming the video contractor for a failure or the security contractor blaming the telephone contractor for a glitch, our consultants and technicians will take care of everything. That goes for service too. Consider your savings both financially and in headaches by having us service all of your systems.

Maybe it’s time to call someone who can give you the big picture and take care of the small details along the way.

How we’ve helped others:

Through the years we’ve managed to put together a fairly extensive portfolio of projects, hopefully they can provide a little insight to the benefits genesis can provide.

Edmonton International Airport

Feature Project:

Edmonton International Airport: The Genesis team was a major contributor in the renovation of and additions to this major transportation hub.

We have presented a few of our case studies so that you can get an idea about what we do:

  • Commonwealth Stadium
  • Edmonton International Airport
  • Francis Winspear Centre For Music
  • Government Committee Rooms
  • Montérégie Tourism
  • School Division Videoconferencing Solution
  • Courtroom Presentation Systems
  • Military Training Solutions
  • Legislature Sound System
  • Calgary Real Estate Board Security