The Genesis Way


Our Team


At Genesis, our team is made up of people who “Get It”




  • take pride in what they do. (Quality)
  • are collaborators and team players. (Team)
  • make responsibility a personal choice. (Responsibility)
  • have a positive attitude. (Attitude)




Genesis exists to integrate technology into our customers’ businesses. The work we do helps our customers impact the world by educating, entertaining, providing peace of mind, supporting commerce, and in more significant ways, such as furthering democracy and saving lives. Our work is important to our customers, our team, and our community.




Our mission at Genesis is to obtain “A Letter”.

A letter is an acknowledgement of a job well done from a customer, supplier, or team member. Our culture encourages us to build relationships, make decisions, and take actions that will earn us a commendation. Our goal is not to simply meet our customers’ expectations, it’s to exceed them.




  • We will focus on being the best systems integration company in the eyes of our customers.
  • We will create a culture that will attract the very best people.
  • We will contribute to the well being of the communities we live in and the planet we live on.
  • We will continue to grow beyond our national borders through serving customers around the world.




Our team members are a priority because they take care of our customers. Our customers are important because without them we do not exist. Our vendors allow us to support our customers. Our shareholders are rewarded when we take care of these three things.

Safety comes first because our team members are our highest priority.

Quality is a choice. We choose to do great work from conception to completion. It does not start and end with the project; it is in everything we do.

We serve our customers; we follow through on our commitments; good or bad we communicate quickly; business is personal so we value our relationships; we will be present in times of crisis; our word is our bond; we listen; our customers are not an interruption of our work but the purpose of it. Most importantly, we will always do what is right.

The highest contribution a team member can make is to foster the development of another through mentoring and coaching. It is better to teach than to do, and to ask when you don’t know.

Challenges are resolved in an open and honest environment while protecting the dignity of team members. We care enough to confront.

We celebrate our accomplishments, recognize those who contribute, and reward those who exceed expectations. We find enjoyment in our work and have fun reaching our goals. We are proud of our achievements and are always striving to be better.

We undertake corporate initiatives and support team members in giving back to the communities where we live. In doing so we find a higher sense of purpose.

We have high expectations but we seek balance. We know that we do not live to work. Work/life balance is good for our team and increases productivity. We genuinely care about our team members and intervene when they push themselves too hard.

We are financially responsible, which allows us to take care of our team members, our customers, our communities, and our shareholders. We must be profitable in order to meet these commitments.


Our Story


Since our inception in 1990, Genesis Integration has transformed from a professional audio provider into a highly sophisticated systems integration company. Genesis operates out of Edmonton, Alberta and has been fortunate to continue to grow from a staff of two to a team of over 90 across our five Canadian locations. Our employee share ownership program has helped us retain our employees who all bring a high level of talent and expertise to our organization.

With 25 years of experience in the marketplace, Genesis Integration has become an industry leader in systems integration.

Genesis offers a diverse mix of products all under one roof, making us a unique and innovative company in the industry and has allowed us to expand our reach from a local to international level. We provide a full range of design/build, consulting and installation services for numerous markets including Audio Visual, Security, Healthcare and School Communications. At Genesis Integration, your experience with us is foremost. We take the time to understand your vison and requirements upfront and then work to provide you with an exceptional experience from install to maintenance. What’s next for Genesis Integration? We want to help you maximize your return on investment with your integrated systems. You will receive ongoing training and support to help you better leverage your investment. Genesis Integration will work with you and your staff during the whole process to ensure your team is not only adopting the new technology processes but are utilizing the systems to their full potential which will assist with your organizations productivity. Our goal is to bring innovation and flexibility to a long-term partnership with our clients.


Executive Team

Kelly McCarthy
Gabriel Gely
Vice President
Dan Moran
National Design Manager
Kevin McKay
National Sales Manager
Ian McWilliams
National Operations Manager
Lynn Walker
National Finance Manager