The Challenge

During the Alberta Floods of 2013 more than 75 million litres of water rushed into the Calgary City Hall Parkade filling seven underground levels of the building, leaving nearly everything, including its various essential electrical systems absolutely destroyed. Damage was so extensive that the entire facility needed to be restored to ensure structural stability as elevators, lighting, and ventilation systems needed to be replaced.

The Solution

Genesis Integration was utilized as an essential partner by electrical contractor Canem Systems to have the public audio system restored in coordination with the larger restoration project. With numerous deadlines that needed to be managed in terms of staying within expectations, the restoration project spanned from July to November 2013. The facility opened its doors on December 1, 2013.

The Result

Upon completion end users of the City Hall parkade are able to enjoy music and take advantage of voice alerts from ninety-nine new speakers installed in the previously flooded facility, while City Hall staff can control what’s played or broadcast from the office.

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