The Challenge

The Victoria School of the Arts is one of the oldest and most well known high schools in the Edmonton area. After many years of piecemeal renovations and additions, Victoria school was about to embark on a complete and total modernization. The challenge facing Genesis was how to maintain the school’s integrated communication network over a 3 year renovation period when at some point, every piece of cable would be replaced and every room would be renovated…

The Solution

Victoria School needed a communication system that could be deployed in a distributed fashion so that certain areas of the school could maintain operation when others were being demolished and renovated. The Bogen Quantum School communication system was selected for its distributed architecture. Utilizing the school’s network, the intercom system was able to be broken down into smaller modules and installed in the school’s network rooms.

The Result

Spanning almost 4 years from start to finish, this was the longest school renovation project Genesis has even been a part of but the journey was worth it. The school administration was very impressed with Genesis’ ability to quickly reconfigure the communication system to bring on new areas as they became available. In a large high school, the need to communicate with both faculty and students is critical, both from an administrative perspective as well as for safety. Victoria School for the Arts now has home for aspiring artists, actors, dancers and musicians and a communication system that will last for another generation.

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