IP Cameras & Video Surveillance Systems


Ensure peace of mind with Genesis Integration’s expertise in IP Cameras and video surveillance systems. Your system will be designed to your specific security needs and can range from stand-alone cameras to fully integrated security control centers. We understand the benefits of video surveillance such as risk management, asset protection and employee safety are important, which is why we are committed to understanding your project needs and providing the right solution for our clients.


Access Control Systems


Access Control Systems are meant to authorize users under controlled conditions; so whether your project is as simple as a front door locking system or as complex as a multi-unit system with thousands of users, Genesis Integration understands your need to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access, potential property loss and employees safety. Our Security Specialists have the experience to design and install an access control system to meet your specific needs.


Intrusion Detection Systems


Intrusion Detection Systems continue to be an integral part of a comprehensive security system allowing you to alert the proper authorities in the event of an intrusion, and provide peace of mind to your employees and clients. Genesis Integration’s vast experience in design and installation of security systems can provide you with the best recommendation for your needs including intrusion detection combined with additional security integration to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.


Alarm Monitoring & Guard Response


Once your security and surveillance system is fully operational, Genesis Integration will ensure you feel secure in your work environment. Genesis Integration works with a third party monitoring center, who will respond to alarms and if required, dispatch a qualified security officer to the premises to investigate. Ensure your employee and client safety knowing the the security officer will take the necessary measures by identifying any possible threat and will connect with local authorities.




Case Studies

Kinder Morgan Terminal Expansion Phase I & II
Edmonton, AB
Access Control System
for Large Oil and Gas Company
King Edward Memorial Hospital
Hamilton, Bermuda
Custom Security Platform Integrating
Security & Healthcare Systems
Telus Spark Centre
Calgary, AB
Integrating Multiple Security
Solutions as One Unified Platform

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