Schools, Campus & Building Entry

Keeping your campus running effectively and efficiently is imperative and is improved by ensuring messaging is shared for both staff and students, and that their safety is monitored.

Learn how to get students back in class, safely and quickly.

Created by our partner CrisisGo, Safety iPass helps school districts return to school safely and efficiently in a COVID-19 environment by managing entry with pre-certified screening questions and temperature checks.

Integrating technology solutions will ensure students and staff are aware of important messages, to ensure the safety & welfare of everyone.

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On average, students spend around 1,200 hours a year in a classroom - this is why it’s so critical to ensure your students are engaged. Technology in the classroom is ubiquitous and it’s now an expectation in today’s world.

It is up to school officials, teachers and parents alike to support a collaborative learning environment. Genesis Integration partners with you to determine the best fit for your school, based on your needs and making sure your staff have the tools they require. We create engagement between student and teacher by integrating learning technologies in an easy-to-use platform.


Gymnasiums are the entertainment hub of a school, it's where you gather for sporting events, assemblies and presentations. Captivating your audience is important to ensure you promote and encourage a positive school environment.

Genesis Integration works with you to provide Professional Audio systems that fill your space with rich quality sound, allowing both presenter and audience to have the best possible experience. Our goal is to exceed the needs of the modern gymnasium by creating custom LED video solutions, and scoreboards.


Encouraging an imaginative learning environment is crucial in child growth and development.

With the right performance AV system, you can nurture a child’s imagination when they need it most and keep students and staff engaged and entertained during concerts, productions and assemblies.

We focus on your space to provide top quality sound to complement your acoustics, allowing student performances to be the very best, even rivaling local community theatres.


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