AV & Collaboration

Enhancing Spaces and Experiences Through AV and Collaboration Technology

No one understands your business like you, but it’s up to us to understand how your business can integrate audio visual (AV) and collaboration technology so you can provide your team or your customers with a seamless experience.

AV & collaboration technology

We want to ensure you feel engaged and involved in your project and believe our AV and collaboration solutions will help you break the barriers of the challenges you face.

Learn, share, collaborate, connect. This is what makes a business.

It’s about providing connected experiences with the right technology, allowing you to transform your space into the ideal environment. We partner with you to learn about your business and understand your challenges and opportunities. We provide solutions, not just technology.

Our technology agnostic approach allows us to work with you on creating a seamless audio visual (AV) integration and collaboration strategy for your business.

You shouldn’t have to compromise, that’s why it’s our mission to collaborate with you from the beginning.

Creating an AV and Collaboration Strategy Uniquely For You

Audio visual technology

Genesis Integration provides the resources and the knowledge and know-how to perfectly execute all of the details - but our real advantage is looking at the big picture.

We look at how everything works together, how systems are communicating and most importantly how easy it is for your team to use.

No matter how well executed the smallest details are, if they don’t work together then your business is missing out on the big picture.

We take a consultative approach to first learn about your business, and then your unique challenges and opportunities. As we work with you, we are happy to share as much detail about your audio, web, and video conferencing solutions as you choose, so you can make an informed decision without feeling overwhelmed.

Ultimately, we strive to understand your goals and the business challenges you face. We then work with you to solve those problems, achieve those goals, and help your business thrive.

The Benefits of Collaboration are Limitless

Seamless collaboration

Today’s workforce is changing, it’s not your typical brick and mortar space anymore. Organizations need to adapt to changing technology and how people use that technology to communicate effectively.

Call it a conference call, a video meeting or a video call, those all mean the same thing - tools and technology to help your team collaborate. By being able to provide a portfolio of outstanding products and services, we can offer the best custom strategy for ensuring seamless collaborative communications.

Partner With Genesis

AV and collaboration partner

Partnering with Genesis Integration for your collaborative solutions will give you access to the latest innovative technologies, helping you and your team’s productivity and collaboration.

Whether video is already in your business plan, or you are looking to incorporate video technology, our goal is to work with you to find a solution that best aligns with your operational vision and strategy.

Screen sharing, interactive presentations, virtual meetings are all tools that make or break an effective video meeting or conference. Utilize digital whiteboard solutions for an outstanding meeting experience. With high quality projection and audio capabilities, Wi-Fi content sharing, finger touch, and table top options, they can also turn virtual meetings into powerful presentations with multiple user interaction.

Audio Visual Integration

Audio visual integration

Audio Visual Integration is more than just what you see and hear. It’s about combining the right technology in the right space to create an effective and engaging space for your team or audience. The components you integrate into your environment is what sets the tone for your space.

Ask yourself, what do you need to excite and enlighten your audience? How does your team or customers feel when they walk in the door? What makes your business unique?

We work with you on the entire experience, which is why we are the first Canadian-owned integrator to be awarded the APEx designation. Our agnostic approach allows us to choose the best technologies for the best outcomes for your business.

Engage Your Team or Audience With Innovative AV Solutions

AV technology

Implementing numerous technologies and solutions that integrate together improves workflow and engages your team or audience. Create messaging as limitless as your imagination with digital signage, video walls and interactive displays. Enhance and enrich your internal communications, drive home powerful marketing messages or utilize as an information and wayfinding tool.

Digital signage and interactive displays can be used in retail and corporate settings, medical facilities, and a multitude of public venues. Create jaw dropping displays building an entire wall or ceiling of video that creates a stunning high impact visual. With our digital signage player and video options, you have the ability to send the right message to the right person, at the right time.

Enhance Security and Safety Through Advanced AV Technology

AV security

Enhance security and safety with a quality public address and paging system that allows you to effectively reach everyone in your organization or facility. Each environment is complex and unique so we provide multiple technology options to ensure your paging system is audible and effective when you need it most.

Automation and control systems are designed to enhance your audiovisual technologies. They should be simple to use to ensure that your events or meetings run seamlessly. From different screens, microphones, or lights we can program set behaviours for your control panel, allowing you to focus purely on your agenda.

Why You Need Video Collaboration in Your Business

Technological advances have freed us from the boundaries of walls and borders, with most workplaces utilizing remote workers as well as offering work-from-home options. This new trend comes with its own set of challenges.

Video Collaboration is the answer. It allows you to be in the room no matter where in the world you might physically be, not to mention the ripple effects of increasing efficiency and productivity.