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Genesis Integration has been delivering high-performance audio visual (AV) solutions since its inception in 1990, and we have since transformed into Canada’s leading sophisticated systems integration company. Among our cutting-edge AV systems is our conference calling system, which leverages easy-to-use technology that helps businesses to better collaborate and become more efficient.

Below we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about our conference calling system. If your question isn’t addressed, click here to contact us

  • What touch tone commands are available to me within an On Demand Audio conference call?

    The following touch tone commands can be used once you are in your conference call:

    *0 Operator Assistance to the Conference 00 Operator Assistance to your individual line
    *1 Dial out to a participant – Leader only request
    *2 Begin or end conference record – Leader only request
    *3 Edit entry/exit method – Leader only request
    *4 Roll call announcement to your individual line
    *5 / #5 Mute / unmute all participant lines – Leader only request
    *6 / #6 Mute / unmute your individual line
    *7 / #7 Lock / unlock your conference (including Operator) – Leader only request
    *8 Allow / disallow one time conference continuation – Leader only request *# Participant count ** List available keypad commands.

  • I have international participants that need to be in the conference call, how do I get them on?

    Access our Customer Self Serve and follow the Get Dial-In Numbers instructions on the home page. No prefixes need to be added, simply dial the number as appearing on the list. For anyone calling in from a country that is not on the list, you can press *0 for operator assistance and ask the operator to join that person to the conference. If you have three or more participants that need to be dialed out by the operator, please contact our support team to make the arrangements (please provide sufficient notice when possible).

  • How many people can be on a conference call without having to make a reservation?

    Our bridges can accommodate hundreds of people, but if you plan to have more than 50 attendees, we suggest that you discuss conducting an Event Call where our professionally trained operators can ensure the effectiveness of the meeting. You can also use our Event service if you wish to add formality to your call (even for less than 50 participants) and for the operator to conduct the Question and Answer session.gnissim.

  • How can I get assistance during a conference call?

    Both the leader and attendees can press *0 on their keypad to receive 24/7 operator assistance.ssim.

  • Does the 1-855# I have work internationally?

    The 1-855# you have been provided only works throughout Canada and the United States. For a list of our International Toll-free numbers, access our Customer Self Serve. No prefixes are needed, participants simply need to dial the number as it appears on the list.

  • Some participants are having issues connecting internationally after giving them one of your International Toll-free numbers. What could be the issue?

    If an end user is trying to access a conference call via a Genesis Integration On Demand Audio number and is not able to connect with the bridge, we suggest that an operator is engaged for assistance. Our operators are available to anyone who is currently on the conference call by pressing *0 on the keypad. The operator can then dial out to the attendee in order to join them into the conference call. This process will ensure that the individual is able to join the conference call and that all long distance charges continue to be applied to the conferencing account. Genesis is committed to doing all that is possible to ensure that a positive user experience is achieved when using our On Demand Audio service. This includes determining the best country-specific call processes and training end users on these processes. Please contact our Support team for further assistance post-meeting.

  • Do I need to call you before I plan to have a conference call?

    Our On Demand conferencing allows you to have a conference call anytime, anywhere without having to make a reservation.

  • Can attendees dial in to the conference call from overseas?

    Yes. If you would like the attendee to incur their own long distance charges, then you can provide them with the local number. Otherwise, you can provide an attendee with an International Toll Free number. Find your International Toll Free numbers by accessing our Customer Self Serve.

  • Can I record my conference call? How do I access the recording?

    The leader may initiate the recording mode at any time by pressing *2 on their keypad. Detailed instructions on how to access the recording will be emailed at the completion of the call.

  • How do I make sure everyone disconnects from the conference after I hang up (option available to leader only)?

    By default, all attendees will be disconnected from the conference call once the leader disconnects. This function aids in preventing additional billing. If you would like to allow attendees to continue to talk after the leader disconnects, press *8 while in a conference to enable that specific conference (one time only). To make this change for all conferences, access the Customer Self Serve and turn ‘auto continuation’ on in your product profile settings.

Why You Need Video Collaboration in Your Business

Technological advances have freed us from the boundaries of walls and borders, with most workplaces utilizing remote workers as well as offering work-from-home options. This new trend comes with its own set of challenges.

Video Collaboration is the answer. It allows you to be in the room no matter where in the world you might physically be, not to mention the ripple effects of increasing efficiency and productivity.


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