Collaboration Solutions That Enhance Communication

Collaboration is an intrinsic element of every organization. Nothing is accomplished in business, government, or education without it.

Collaboration can take many shapes and forms, from a casual conversation between two co-workers in the lunchroom to a team meeting in the boardroom, from a brilliant lecture on campus to an all-hands meeting spanning multiple continents.

No matter how simple or complex your collaboration needs are, Genesis Integration has the expertise and experience required to provide solutions that will improve communication, lower costs, and increase engagement with your customers, colleagues, students, or business partners.

We Drive Engagement Through Collaboration

Genesis Integration is able to recommend and integrate a range of collaboration technologies that will drive engagement and new efficiencies for your business. Here are just a few of the solutions that we can use to transform your company’s communication strategy:


Collaborating over video is ubiquitous in today’s business and academic environments. With the surge in remote work, distance learning, work from home and hybrid workforce strategies, today’s organizations need to support seamless and painless video collaboration for all stakeholders.

Whether you are working with Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Zoom or a combination of platforms, we have solutions that break down the barriers that exist between these different technologies and make video easier to use, more reliable and provide an overall better user experience.

Enterprise Video and Webcasting

Our enterprise video service allows organizations to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of live and on demand video.

Enterprise Video as a Service platforms solve real-world challenges for organizations that leverage live and on demand video for Webcasting, Corporate Communications, Training, Onboarding, Employee Collaboration.

The recent surge in Zoom meetings has created huge demands for a secure storage and distribution platform for both live and recorded content.

Unified Communications

The world of business voice communications is changing. Microsoft Teams is growing at a rapid pace and is driving change in how organizations evaluate their telephony needs.

Genesis Integration has partnered with Intrado, an official Microsoft Direct Routing and Operator Connect partner, to provide a complete unified communications experience for Microsoft Teams with calling, chat and meetings all in one place - helping your business to save money.


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Why You Need Video Collaboration in Your Business

Technological advances have freed us from the boundaries of walls and borders, with most workplaces utilizing remote workers as well as offering work-from-home options. This new trend comes with its own set of challenges.

Video Collaboration is the answer. It allows you to be in the room no matter where in the world you might physically be, not to mention the ripple effects of increasing efficiency and productivity.