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Gain Clear Visibility Into Your Collaboration Technologies

Organizations around the world have invested billions in unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) technologies for their teams.

Given the amount invested, how are these same organizations monitoring these technologies and determining if they are investing the right amounts in the right areas?

What about utilization? Are they wasting money in areas while leaving other high demand areas of the business underserviced?

Monitoring, analytics and automation is a crucial element of ensuring  that your organization is optimizing the use of its communication and collaboration systems, and realizing true ROI.

Enter Collaboration Performance Management and Workspace Insights from Vyopta - an innovative software solution that allows your business to manage its portfolio of communication technologies and gain clear visibility into how they are being used.

Or perhaps you need to add some automation to your collaboration environment to improve the user experience with a solution from Synergy Sky.

Communication technology is measured through three key foundations, monitoring, analytics and automation.


Collaboration Performance Management empowers you to optimize existing investments, manage technology refreshes, intelligently plan new deployments, improve adoption, and most of all ensure flawless collaboration in the workplace.

Move from reactive to proactive monitoring of your communication technology.

Understand the quality of live and recent meetings with real-time health status, proactive issue detection and alerting, and detailed performance metrics. Generate actionable insights from historical performance trends and utilization data in order to enhance the user experience, grow adoption, improve operational planning, and optimize capex and opex investments.


Did you know 73 percent of organizations have no data on how their meeting rooms are being used? Workspace Insights allows you to track activity and utilization, reduce inefficient room usage and optimize your real estate and technology spend.

Know how your conference rooms and huddle spaces are being used and gain actionable insights to free up resources, all while intelligently planning future build-outs and deployments.


Using today’s modern videoconferencing technologies can sometimes be complicated. Thankfully, there is a solution that can make joining a meeting as easy as touching a single button.

The Synergy Sky Suite is a suite of software solutions that makes joining and managing meetings a breeze. With features like automatic check-in, one-touch-join, no-show detection, automatic room release, and end-of-meeting alerts, Synergy Sky delivers an improved user experience without the need for any additional training or new procedures.

Synergy SKY Suite Features

Let’s not forget room analytics and people-counting as well, providing your organization with additional data on how your collaboration and communication rooms are being utilized.

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Why You Need Video Collaboration in Your Business

Technological advances have freed us from the boundaries of walls and borders, with most workplaces utilizing remote workers as well as offering work-from-home options. This new trend comes with its own set of challenges.

Video Collaboration is the answer. It allows you to be in the room no matter where in the world you might physically be, not to mention the ripple effects of increasing efficiency and productivity.