Today’s workforce is changing, it’s not your typical brick and mortar space anymore. Organizations need to adapt to changing technology and how people use that technology to communicate effectively.

Call it a conference call, a video meeting or a video call, those all mean the same thing - tools and technology to help your team collaborate. By being able to provide a portfolio of outstanding products and services, we can offer the best custom strategy for ensuring seamless collaborative communications.

Partner With Genesis

Partnering with Genesis Integration for your collaborative solutions will give you access to the latest innovative technologies, helping you and your team’s productivity and collaboration. Whether video is already in your business plan, or you are looking to incorporate video technology, our goal is to work with you to find a solution that best aligns with your operational vision and strategy.

Screen sharing, interactive presentations, virtual meetings are all tools that make or break an effective video meeting or conference. Utilize digital whiteboard solutions for an outstanding meeting experience. With high quality projection and audio capabilities, Wi-Fi content sharing, finger touch, and table top options, they can also turn virtual meetings into powerful presentations with multiple user interaction.

Virtual meetings and video calls are an easy and effective way to communicate.

By implementing software such as Zoom, you can allow your employees to join any time, anywhere and on any device, with features such as screen share and streaming reducing those extra travel time and costs for your business.

Eliminate restrictions of distance between multiple office locations and connect your employees whether working from the office, home or on the road.


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