When it comes to designing and integrating solutions for the hospitality industry, Genesis Integration understands your unique needs. Whether your guests are staying for business or pleasure, they have high expectations while in your space. They need to feel welcomed, comfortable, connected and entertained.

Your system design and functionality should be a major priority. It will ensure you are creating the right atmosphere and ambiance, making your guests feel like they are of the utmost importance.

What guests see and hear during their stay helps to set the tone for the emotions they will feel while on your property. The more dynamic the environment, the more you can engage their senses and, in turn, improve their overall experience. Genesis has a host of complete communication solutions, including digital signage and interactive displays, wayfinding solutions, background music and audiovisual solutions for your event space.

We understand your challenges and have worked with many restaurants and hotels, including Cactus Club, Fairmont, WestMont Hospitality Group, Oliver & Bonacini, Marriott Hotels Canada and Hazelton Lanes.

We believe our approach on building a fully integrated system will deliver more than just audio visual elements - it will deliver a complete guest experience.



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