Reinforcing the Learning Experience With AV and Collaboration Solutions

Genesis Integration can implement and manage the latest technology allowing you to focus on what you do best - educate our next generation for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Technology is essential in today’s school environment. Combining the right technology and collaboration solutions will give your faculty the tools to succeed and help you shape the minds of our future.

When it comes to deciding on the right education solution. Ask yourself, are the students safe when in our care? Are we promoting collaboration excitement and imagination? Does our staff and students have access to the right tools to educate and learn? 

Keeping your school equipped with the latest audio visual, communications and safety solutions will inform and inspire your staff and students while keeping safety at the forefront.

Enhancing Education Spaces Through Collaboration



On average, students spend around 1,200 hours a year in a classroom - this is why it’s so critical to ensure your students are engaged. Technology in the classroom is ubiquitous and it’s now an expectation in today’s world.

It is up to school officials, teachers and parents alike to support a collaborative learning environment. Genesis Integration partners with you to determine the best fit for your school, based on your needs and making sure your staff have the tools they require. We create engagement between student and teacher by integrating learning technologies in an easy-to-use platform.



Gymnasiums are the entertainment hub of a school, it's where you gather for sporting events, assemblies and presentations. Captivating your audience is important to ensure you promote and encourage a positive school environment.

Genesis Integration works with you to provide Professional Audio systems that fill your space with rich quality sound, allowing both presenter and audience to have the best possible experience. Our goal is to exceed the needs of the modern gymnasium by creating custom LED video solutions, and scoreboards.



Encouraging an imaginative learning environment is crucial in child growth and development.

With the right performance AV system, you can nurture a child’s imagination when they need it most and keep students and staff engaged and entertained during concerts, productions and assemblies.

We focus on your space to provide top quality sound to complement your acoustics, allowing student performances to be the very best, even rivaling local community theatres.

Innovative AV and Collaboration Solutions for Education Facilities

Classroom AV Systems


AV systems in your facility can make or break the school environment. Are your students provided with leading edge tools to support learning? Are teachers provided with numerous options to keep their students working collaboratively? Are both staff and students feeling encouraged and engaged?

Genesis Integration has integrated solutions for classrooms, such as interactive projectors and flat panels, to promote and encourage staff and students to work together. Huddle space environments and collaboration tools make it easy to share content and work together as a group.

Digital Signage


Utilize digital signage to help improve communication with staff and students. Genesis Integration works with you on determining the best locations for display installations, ensuring information such as school events, clubs, meetings, weather and much more can be easily delivered to teachers and students.

These options allow you to communicate more effectively, while at the same time reducing the amount of time and resources involved. Also, digital signs can be used for displaying emergency messages or as wayfinding in case of an evacuation.

Intercom & Telephone


The communication needs of a school are unique, and systems must be able to handle multiple capabilities. Genesis Integration designs and installs school intercom systems which provides educators with two-way communications for general messaging, as well as district-wide paging for emergency notifications.

Phone systems allow for fast and easy communication between the office and classrooms, as well as providing an easy way for teachers to communicate with parents from their classroom.

Integrated communications solutions are easy to use while keeping the entire school campus informed.

Lockdown & Safety


Schools should be a place of learning and growth, a place where neither students nor teachers should have to question or fear for their safety. When there is peace of mind for teachers, parents, and students, the focus can fully be on education and learning.

Genesis Integration offers fully integrated security solutions to protect both people and property. We provide video surveillance systems, access control systems and integrated lockdown solutions.

We are a proud endorsing organization of PASS (Partner Alliance for Safer Schools) - a safety initiative integrating all aspects of a school campus to create a safe space for students and staff.

With safety being at the forefront of educators’ minds, Genesis offers safety solutions that allow teachers to discreetly send alarms in the event of an emergency. Monitoring stations then receive location and time information - along with an audible notification and optional visuals.

Soundfield Systems


Enhancing learning environments with wireless microphone systems are beneficial in improving the learning and instructional environments of students. A high quality soundfield system can distribute a teacher’s voice evenly throughout a classroom, eliminate strain on their voice and allow the teacher to move freely around the classroom without the risk of repeating instruction.

Additionally, a soundfield system can benefit the students and results have shown improved test scores through voice amplification. This allows students to better focus, without struggling to hear the teacher.

Soundfield systems can help improve academic achievement by making your students' lives easier. Students will be able to clearly hear their teacher, creating a calmer learning environment that allows them to engage more in the education process.

When it comes to your classroom, you not only have to look at the technology but also at the needs of your students. After all, what you’re trying to accomplish involves making the educational environment conducive to learning.

Synchronized Clocks


When every clock in every room is synchronized, students, teachers, and staff all know where they are supposed to be at exactly the right time. For teachers, this helps them maintain the culture and safety of the school.

For students, it is vital for their future that they learn the importance of punctuality and time management. With school bell integration, and both wired and wireless synchronized clock solutions, you can be sure to keep your school running on time.

Video Walls


LED video walls dramatically outperform video projectors for image quality and brightness. They can be used as video scoreboards for sporting events, for digital signage and presentations for assemblies.

With superior image quality in high ambient light environments, LED video walls cannot be beat when compared to projection based technologies. 

Installed in Gymnasiums and gathering areas, these displays have the potential to generate advertising revenue from local sponsors.

V2-Audio and Video Enhancement classroom-v 2


"Genesis Integration did all the work on our school gymnasium and they are excellent. They are able to provide recommendations based on your needs and our project manager is always available for any troubleshooting that may arise."

Rob Jones, Hilltop High School

"I just want to pass along a big thank you to Genesis Integration for their help on our service call. Once the technician located the problem he was very quick and efficient to help us get our system back up and running"

Lana Wendt, Graminia School

"We called Genesis Integration after experiencing ongoing issues with our gym sound system. They determined numerous mistakes made by the original company in charge of the install but rather than pointing fingers, they worked to get the issue resolved. Genesis exceeded our expectations."

Colin Bjorkman, F.G. Miller Jr/Sr High School

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