Introducing Safety iPass, your secure COVID-19 choice for managing school entry.

Created by our partner CrisisGo, Safety iPass helps school districts return to school safely and efficiently in a COVID-19 environment by managing entry with pre-certified screening questions and temperature checks.

With Safety iPass, parents and guardians can pre-certify their children every school day without having to download an application and schools can create a safe and streamlined entrance process for returning to class. 

Safety iPass not only makes it easier to certify the safety status of students and staff returning to school, but it also provides contact tracing as the critical health safety information that the school district and local health authorities can use to make data-driven decisions to improve public health and safety.

Using CrisisGo's modern technology, Safety iPass is able to seamlessly integrate with a variety of other education technology platforms, including PowerSchool.

Safety iPass (Promo Video)


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Genesis Integration can implement and manage the latest technology allowing you to focus on what you do best - educate our next generation for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Technology is essential in today’s school environment. Combining the right technology and collaboration solutions will give your faculty the tools to succeed and help you shape the minds of our future.

When it comes to deciding on the right education solution. Ask yourself, are the students safe when in our care? Are we promoting collaboration excitement and imagination? Does our staff and students have access to the right tools to educate and learn? 

Keeping your school equipped with the latest audio visual, communications and safety solutions will inform and inspire your staff and students while keeping safety at the forefront.

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"Genesis Integration did all the work on our school gymnasium and they are excellent. They are able to provide recommendations based on your needs and our project manager is always available for any troubleshooting that may arise."

Rob Jones, Hilltop High School

"I just want to pass along a big thank you to Genesis Integration for their help on our service call. Once the technician located the problem he was very quick and efficient to help us get our system back up and running"

Lana Wendt, Graminia School

"We called Genesis Integration after experiencing ongoing issues with our gym sound system. They determined numerous mistakes made by the original company in charge of the install but rather than pointing fingers, they worked to get the issue resolved. Genesis exceeded our expectations."

Colin Bjorkman, F.G. Miller Jr/Sr High School

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