How are you managing the safe return of your team to shared spaces?

Many businesses are now requiring COVID-19 screening questions and a temperature check before entering facilities. Safety iPass provides a platform for data collection to ensure that anyone who enters the building has been screened through either a self-certification process or a manual process at the facility. 

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Corporate space is the hub of communications & collaboration.

Whether a boardroom, a meeting room or huddle space, this is one of the most highly utilized spaces for all audio visual (AV) and collaboration technology. Your rooms should have the flexibility to work alone or in unison. They should inspire creativity, communication and collaboration, while at the same time allowing you to bring together your organization no matter where your offices are located.

Our technology agnostic approach allows us to focus on what matters most; working with you on the planning and implementation of an audiovisual strategy that enables your organization to lower operational costs and increase productivity. All by simply providing you with the effective tools for your team to meet and collaborate.

From Enterprise to SMB

Today’s modern enterprise is becoming more global in nature. Creativity, communication and collaboration can be obstructed by geography, and dealing with different technology platforms and vendors can lead to communication.

Don’t panic, all is not lost. Genesis Integration is your one-stop-shop to bring your employees, collaborative teams and clients face to face with voice, content, and video from a single user interface. It doesn't matter if your employees are in Toronto, a café in Paris or at an airport in Shanghai - Genesis will connect them.

The larger your business is, the smarter you need to be about how you seamlessly connect people and ideas to move your business forward. It’s why you’ll value partnering with Genesis. We get to know your business like it was our own. We don’t flog you products, we create a plan that brings your business into the future. Once we have the right solution we provide the training and support to ensure it is utilized.


Why You Need Video Collaboration in Your Business

Technological advances have freed us from the boundaries of walls and borders, with most workplaces utilizing remote workers as well as offering work-from-home options. This new trend comes with its own set of challenges.

Video Collaboration is the answer. It allows you to be in the room no matter where in the world you might physically be, not to mention the ripple effects of increasing efficiency and productivity.