meeting space to hold government round table discussionsWe understand the many challenges facing the government and public sectors in today’s world. Despite financial constraints, there is a demand for increased efficiency and operational excellence and transparency.

These obligations can only be met when you are working cohesively and collaboratively. Our consultative - and technology-agnostic - approach allows us to work with you to fulfill all of your audiovisual and collaboration needs. Genesis Integration provides you with unparalleled service, harmonizing your work environment and ensuring productivity.

We have worked with government departments and sectors, including recreational centers, council chambers and public buildings all within strict budgets and were able to ensure we provided scalable and flexible technology that makes future upgrades cost-effective.

Genesis can help envision, implement and manage the right collaborative technology, allowing you to focus on what you do best - serve the public’s best interests.


Standing Offers

Our Federal Government clients can purchase audio visual and equipment as well as integration services through our Standing Offer Agreements at any of our locations.

Genesis’s AVSO Standing Offer Number is E60HN-17AVSO/016/HN. Refer to the extensive list below.

Genesis Standing Offer Partners

  • Crestron E60HN-17AVSO/013/HN
  • Extron AVSO E60HN-17AVSO/015/HN
  • Panasonic AVSO E60HN-17AVSO/025/HN
  • Christie AVSO E60HN-17AVSO/011/HN
  • Cisco VCPV K000006700
  • Polycom VCPVK000006698
  • Genesis CCTVSO E60HN-17CCTV/011/HN

Genesis Standing Offer AV Solutions

  • Audio Products
  • Display and Interactive Presentation Systems
  • Switching, Control and Signal Processing
  • Presentation Support/Equipment Storage
  • Video Conferencing Systems

Genesis Standing Offer Services

  • Installation
  • Programming
  • CAD Drawings
  • Training
  • Project Management
  • System Relocation

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